WHT Big Rosie Day


Yes it’s true. We’re going all out to break the record for the Most Women Dressed as Rosie the Riveter.

The title attempt is going to be held on 2nd March, 2019, to mark International Women’s Day.

It’s our 30th anniversary year and we want to get together everyone who has played a part in Women’s Health Tasmania and the Hobart Women’s Health Centre. How many hundreds of women have used the service, or worked here, or volunteered, or donated money? We think it’s enough to fill a football stadium and we want to include you all.

And if you’ve never heard of Women’s Health Tasmania, this could be your way of saying hello. There are no bars to being a Rosie.

On the Big Rosie Day you can get your photo taken in your very own We Can Do It! poster. You’ll also get an official “Certificate of Participation”. And you’ll get the chance to join us for a barbecue. It’s going to be great fun.

We can help you get ready. The kind women who participate in WHT’s Waste to Wonderful project (a sewing project for women from refugee communities) have been donating their time to sew polkadot headscarves and hijabs for us.

You can buy one from Women’s Health Tas for just $10 (plus postage).

To read the stories of inspiring women who generously agreed to have their photograph taken for our recent Annual Report poster click here.